Professional Training

Grow Your Business

The need for high quality, cost effective technical training has never been greater. Organizations that strive to develop their workforce and keep a competitive advantage, know the value of technical training. Gain the knowledge needed to achieve your quality goals, improve the efficiency of your processes and reduce wasted time and needless expenses. “Our Training can benefit you!”

Our objective is to provide effective, professional training designed around your company’s products and/or processes. We deliver customized training, with industry-specific examples and best practices. Participants can expect an interactive training experience, with team activities and relevant exercises in a workshop format. TMAC reference materials and examples also provide an invaluable resource for review time after time. There is no substitute for experience! Our instructors are Subject Matter Experts, with current hands-on expertise in the tools and practices they deliver. Upon successful completion of a training course, each participant will receive a “Certificate of Completion.”


Onsite Training (Your Facility)

TMAC brings the expertise to your location, resulting in immediate benefits. This option is convenient for scheduling and provides an opportunity to train the whole team. Onsite Training is most popular with organizations that require five or more participants to be trained.


Offsite Training (Our Office)

TMAC training center provide an environment without interruption from daily activities. This option is beneficial to individuals or small teams that require advanced training. Offsite Training provides the opportunity to gain valuable insight while bench marking with people from other industries.



  1. Project Management

  2. Total Quality Management (TQM)

  3. Quality Management System (QMS)

  4. Strategic Planning and Profit Maximization

  5. Design Quality

  6. Continuous Process Improvement 

  7. Process Implementation

  8. Statistical Analysis

  9. Data Mining

  10. Lean Six Sigma

  11. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  12. ISO Standards (ISO 9001, AS9100, etc)

  13. Soft Skills

  14. Corporate Strategy

  15. Public , Onsite Training 

  16. Webinar Sessions